Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Personal Fundraising Opportunities for Stanford Meet

As the 2012 season winds down, we encourage you to start planning for next season. Each year, HRHS Track offers varsity athletes whose performances qualify the opportunity to travel to Palo Alto, CA for the Stanford Invitational. (Note: unlike our other meets, this meet is not an all-comer meet; it has minimum qualifying requirements for each event). This year the cost of the trip to each athlete was $475.

If you think your athlete may want to travel to Stanford next season or in a subsequent season, you may want to take advantage of one or both of these fundraising opportunities.

1.  King Sooper Cards (earn 5% of everything you spend)
2. Run Concessions at Sports Authority at a June 9 Zoom Track Meet (earn up to $250 in one day)

Here are the details for each:

King Sooper Cards
We can provide you with a trackable KS Gift Card. Every time you reload the card, 5% of what you put on it goes into your athlete's designated travel fund in the HRHS Booster account. Buy groceries, gas, other gift cards, plants and flowers, even Starbucks inside the store with your KS gift card, and 5% of everything you spend gets tucked away into your child's account. It's EASY! Some athletes covered well over half their travel costs with their KS balances this year. We will have KS cards available at the Team Celebration on May 20 if you would like to start personal fundraising now.

Athletes working with a parent/guardian would be eligible to earn travel funds for managing and running concessions during a June 9 track meet at Sports Authority. A minimum of 4 athlete/parent teams  (4 people in the a.m., 8 people in overlapping lunch shift, 4 people in the p.m.) would need to commit to participating. Parents who participate would be completely responsible for managing and staffing the concessions for the meet. At least one parent would need to volunteer to be the point person, and all parents who participate would need to complete a manager training with Dawn Spencer, Manager of DCSD Concessions prior to June 9.

Proceeds would  be divided evenly among the athlete/parent teams and deposited into the Booster travel account, earmarked for that athlete. With an estimated draw of $1000 divided among 4 athletes, that would be $250 each, more than half of this year's expenses per athlete in one day's work. For 6 hours work, each parent/athlete team would earn about $40 per hour or $20 per hour per person. Not a bad return for their time.

If an athlete participates in this as a fundraiser and for whatever reason does not go to Stanford before he or she leaves the HRHS track program, his/her designated funds will go into a travel scholarship fund. 

This opportunity is currently being considered by Rock Canyon. If they decline this opportunity, HRHS is next in line to accept it, and we would need to accept by early next week or it will go to the next in line. If you would be interested in this personal fundraising opportunity, email Kim Turnage ASAP.


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