Thursday, February 14, 2013

Deleting 2012 Track Photos

Last year, we posted over 2,000 photos from track meets. Click here to see them all.

On Monday, February 18, we'll be deleting 2012 photos to make room for all the pictures we'll take of the 2013 season. Until then, you can download any photos you would like to keep. See below for instructions.

But before you start downloading....

We are looking for photographers this year! Jim Kientz was one of two photographers who shot at all of our meets last year, but his daughter, Kristen, graduated last year so we will be down a photographer this year. If you enjoy taking photos, we'd love to make you one of our unofficial team photographers at meets this year. It's easy and fun. Click here to email Kim Turnage for details. you can start downloading:

1. Click here to access all our photo albums.
2. Click on any album to see thumbnails of all the photos on it.
3. Click on any individual photo to zoom and access the download options.
4. Just above the photo, click on "Actions" then click on "Download Photo."

That's it! Still can't figure it out? Don't panic! Email Kim and she'll help.


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