Sunday, May 12, 2013

Preliminary State Qualifiers and Meet Schedule

Here are our Preliminary State Qualifiers. These are all the HRHS athletes and relay teams that are in the Top 18 in their events given the information currently available in MaxPreps (we believe all meet results are entered at this time, but that has not yet been verified by CHSAA). Coaches are still in the process of entering and scratching qualifiers so it is possible that athletes and relays ranked 19 and higher in their events could move into a qualifying slot if a competitor in the Top 18 is scratched. Currently our Girls 4 x 800 Relay is ranked 19th.

Preliminary schedule for our team is below. Click here for the complete 2013 Colorado State Championship Meet Schedule. If you would like to see complete rankings, click Boys or Girls, change events using the dropdown box for Event Type, then click the Load Leaders button.

4x100 Relay
4x200 Relay
Long Jump -- Connor Turnage & Ben Morgan
Triple Jump -- Connor Turnage
High Jump -- Trevor Rex
Discus -- Chuck Puga
Paralympic 100 Meters -- Andrew Bauer
Paralympic 200 Meters -- Andrew Bauer

4x100 Relay
4x400 Relay
Sprint Medley Relay
400 Meters -- Macy Kreutz
800 Meters -- Macy Kreutz
Long Jump -- CC Morgan

8:30 AM         GIRLS LONG JUMP – CC Morgan
                        BOYS HIGH JUMP – Trevor Rex
                        BOYS DISCUS – Chuck Puga
                        GIRLS SPRINT MEDLEY PRELIMS

9:40                BOYS 4 X 200 PRELIMS
11:00              GIRLS 400 METER DASH PRELIMS – Macy Kreutz

11:30              BOYS LONG JUMP - Connor Turnage & Ben Morgan

11:35              GIRLS 4 X 800 RELAY (currently ranked 19th so possible)

12:35              PARALYMPIC 100 METER DASH – Andrew Bauer

9:30 AM         GIRLS 4 X 100 PRELIMS
                        BOYS 4 X 100 PRELIMS

11:30              PARALYMPIC 200 METER DASH – Andrew Bauer

12:05 PM       GIRLS SPRINT MEDLEY FINALS (if Top 9 in prelims)

12:50              800 METER RUN FINALS – Macy Kreutz

1:45                BOYS 4 X 200 FINALS (if Top 9 in prelims)

4:10                GIRLS 4 X 400 RELAYS PRELIMS

8:30 AM         BOYS TRIPLE JUMP – Connor Turnage

11:30 AM       GIRLS 400 METER FINAL (if Top 9 in prelims)

3:35 PM          GIRLS 4 X 100 FINAL (if Top 9 in prelims)
                        BOYS 4 X 100 FINAL (if Top 9 in prelims)

5:10 PM         GIRLS 4 X 400 RELAY FINALS (if Top 9 in prelims)

Meet is at Jeffco Stadium   500 Kipling Street   Lakewood, CO
Either take E-470 North to 6th Street (East) or I-25 North to 6th Street West, then Exit South on Kipling – will be on East side of Kippling – NOTE:  ATHLETES ENTER ON THE EAST END – plan on 45 minutes from HRHS to stadium.


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