Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fundraising for HRHS Track Travel

For the past several years, our Varsity track athletes have had the opportunity to travel with coaches to a warmer destination for a meet over Spring Break. This gives our athletes a chance to bond as a team and to compete in much more favorable conditions against a much wider array of talent than we see at home at that time of year.

HRHS Track Boosters offer and administer King Soopers cards to help individual athletes fund their travel costs. If you want to travel with the team this year or in a subsequent season, it's never too early to start raising funds with a King Soopers account. Here's how it works:

We have $5 KS Gift Cards that KS will track for fundraising purposes. Purchase your card from HRHS Track Boosters, and every time you reload the card at Kin Soopers, 5% of what you put on it goes into your athlete's designated travel fund in the HRHS Booster account. Buy groceries, gas, plants and flowers, even Starbucks inside the store with your KS gift card, and 5% of everything you spend gets tucked away into your student's account. When it runs out, reload it again and again. (Note: KS stops tracking cards that have a zero balance for more than 90 days so be sure to keep at least a few dollars on it all the time.) 

It's EASY and the funds add up fast! Buy extra cards for family, friends and neighbors who are willing to use them to help with your fundraising goals.  Some athletes have covered 100% of their travel costs with their KS balances.

IRS Regulations and District Policy are clear that fundraising must be for a specific purpose and belongs to the organization not to the individual. The KS Gift Card program for HRHS Track is for travel expenses related to our team's Spring Break meet. We are allowed to track individual fundraising through the KS program and apply funds raised to individual expenses. However, if an athlete participates in the KS Gift Card Program and for whatever reason does not use the funds raised toward meet travel expenses before he or she leaves the HRHS Track program, his/her designated funds must stay with the program and will go into a travel scholarship fund for HRHS Track. 


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