Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Discount HRHS Athletic Passes

The HRHS Athletic Department is offering a punchcard good for 10 admissions to any home game in any sport all year long for only $40. You pay $40 for $50 worth of admissions.

If you purchase your punchcard through HRHS Track the entire $40 is credited to the Track and Field program for the upcoming season. 

Punchcards are good for TEN home games in any sport all year long and discount the regular $5 admission cost to only $4 per game. These are good for home football and volleyball admissions in the Fall and for Boys and Girls Basketball home games in the winter. Maybe you need TWO!

Contact Kim Turnage to purchase a punch card (or 2). Tell your friends and neighbors about them, too! It's a get a discount on your admission to home games and HRHS Track adds $40 to our program's funding for the coming season.


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