Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is Your Athlete Interested in Competing in College?

If your HRHS athlete is interested in competing in Track and Field (or any other sport) in college, he or she must meet NCAA initial-eligibility academic standards, and tracking progress toward those standards starts as early as sophomore year.

The NCAA has recently tightened academic standards for the class of 2016 and beyond, and it is important for prospective athletes to make sure they are on track for academic eligibility. The timing is critical for sophomores and juniors, as some academic eligibility requirements must now be met before the beginning of senior year.

Click here to download a PDF summary of NCAA Division 1 initial-eligibility academic standards.

The athletic department at Highlands Ranch High School provides free access for HRHS student athletes and their parents to, where you can create a free account and track individual academic progress toward eligibility. Click here to get started.  Use School ID = 060742   and School Code =  750920111  to create your free account.


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