Sunday, March 16, 2014

Meet Results and Photos

Thursday was a great day for our first JV meet. We don't have any photos to share from the meet, but we will have LOTS of photos after this week's home JV meet at HRHS on Thursday so stay tuned! If you would like to share photos from JV or Varsity meets online, please email Kim Turnage.

Friday was our first Team Dinner of the season. Thank you to the Rex's and their co-hosts!

The weather was not our friend on Saturday, but we do have photos and official results to share.

Click here for official results from the ThunderRidge Invitational. This was our first state qualifying meet of the year. Congratulations to Trevor Rex, whose 6'8" high jump on Saturday met the national elite gold standard and will probably secure his berth at the state meet. The wind was definitely a factor for many of our athletes this weekend. Keep in mind that any sprint or horizontal jump with trailing wind greater than 2.0 m/s is considered wind-aided and does not count as a state qualifying mark. Click here to learn more about how state qualification works in Colorado.

It's almost impossible to capture images of every athlete at any one meet. If we missed you or your athlete this week, keep watching in the weeks to come. Every year it's our goal to get multiple shots of all our athletes. Click here for this week's photos from the varsity meet. Thanks to HRHS parents, Joe Diethorn and Rick Turnage for contributing photos of the ThunderRidge Invitational.


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