Monday, June 2, 2014

Training to Win in 2015 Starts NOW!

Today was the beginning of our summer training for ALL our returning athletes. If you missed it, be sure to come tomorrow! Here's what our returning HRHS Track athletes get in our summer program:

  • Individualized Training Plan for the entire summer
  • Speed/Athletic Development Camp during June -- These drills and exercises will improve agility, quickness, running form, power and core strength.
  • Weight Training at HRHS through the end of July
  • PLUS Wednesdays in June meet at 3:33 pm at the Bluffs for hill training individualized for your event type -- Meet in the parking lot (10099 Crooked Stick Trail)....and YES, there will be ice cream afterward!
All our returning athletes need to be part of this summer training program. In 2014, HRHS Track graduated a lot of seniors. Getting our team ready for 2015 starts NOW, and the athletes who participate in our summer program will be way ahead of the game in preparing to compete and win next year.

Sessions run at 10am and 11am. You choose one. Click here for registration forms.


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