Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Break Workouts/ Weekend Recap

Remind that we will be having practice Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week at 10am for those still in time so please plan on joining us if you're still in town.

If you are traveling during the break the coaching staff still expects you to get your workouts in. Below you'll find the workouts for each group, please follow these so you are on pace with everyone else once school resumes.

Krauss’s Sprinters/Jumpers
9 x 40 @100% 3 minutes rest between reps
6 x 200 @ 85% 2 minutes rest
men- 27 to 29 seconds
women – 33 to 35seconds
10 x 100 pick ups 1 minute rest
4 x150 @95% 6 minutes rest
men 18 to 20 seconds
women 23 to 25 seconds
3 x100 @100% 10 minutes rest

Do Plyos after running work out on Mon and Wed
1 minute rest between sets
3 x 10 squat jumps
3 x 5 frog jumps
4x 25 yard bounds

Padjens 200/400 Group

Monday – 4 sets of 300/200 8 min rest between sets 50 sec rest after 800
Varsity boys time on 300 -- - under 45 V time on 200s under 26
Varsity girls time on 300 – under 50 – V time on 200s under 30
Tuesday/Friday (important - get 2 days of hills in)
One day -- - form run up hill; then 7 flying 40s (build up to full speed at 15 yards – go
all out for 40 yards – 3 min rest between sets ; finish with 3 sets of A runs uphill 40
yards in length
2nd day -- - form run up hill; 8 60-80 yards at 80%; finish with 3 sets of A runs
uphill 40 yards in length (if no hills around – do stairs)
Saturday -- - all out 2 sets of 5 100s -- - 20 sec rest between each 100 – all out

Douglass' Distance Group
Monday- 300, 200, 100 x 3 (800 pace for the 300, speed pace for the 200,100)
Tuesday- Follow Padjens Hill Workout
Wednesday- 2 sets of 5 200, equal rest, 8-10 minutes between set (slightly faster than 400 pace)
Thursday- Easy Recovery Run
Friday- 30 minute run of one minute pickup followed by three minutes jogging recovery
Saturday- Easy/Cross Train
Monday- 4x400 at race pace followed by 2 sets of 200,200, 100 at speed pace
Tuesday- Long easy run
Wednesday- 10 200s at race pace
Thursday- Easy Recovery Run
Friday- 30 minute run of one minute pickup followed by three minutes jogging recovery
Saturday- Easy/Cross Train

Weekend Recap
Thursday- Awesome home JV meet that saw a lot of runners shatter their previous PRs and great work by the varsity athletes stepping up and helping after they got their workouts in.
Saturday- Varsity was at the Thunderridge Invite. Full results can be found here
1st place by HRHS Track Athletes included- Kaden Lathrop (400m), Boys 4x800 (Kaden Lathrop, Jake Weidemann, Andrew Wisniewski and Josh Lord) and Drake Nugent (shot put)
Overall Girls finished 8th and Boys finished 2nd, great effort all the way around!