Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer for our May 7 Memorial Invite

Maybe you've already signed up to help with the May 7 HRHS Memorial Invitational -- if so THANK YOU!!

Maybe you've been meaning to sign up and just haven't gotten around to it yet -- if so PLEASE SIGN UP NOW!!

Maybe you still need convincing -- if so, here are the Top 10 reasons to sign up TODAY:

10.  This is our 6th annual meet, and we want to keep our reputation alive as the BEST meet in the area! We absolutely can't do this thing without you!! Go Falcons!

9.   When parents help run the meet, coaches are free to...COACH -- that helps our kids perform better!

8.  You'll meet other Ranch parents and interact with some great athletes and coaches from other schools. Seriously...it's FUN!

7.  No Experience Necessary! Coaches will show you everything you need to know to do a great job!!

6.  You get a front row seat to see your kid compete. If your kid is a thrower, sign up for throws. If your kid is a jumper or vaulter sign up for jumps or vault. If your kids is a runner, white flag workers and relay exchange zone judges are right on the track. So are results runners (and they get their exercise for the day too!)

Are you convinced already? Click here to sign up?

5.  Our coaches will be eternally grateful. Our Booster Club leaders will be eternally grateful too!

4.  Our athletes will be grateful for as long as teenagers can be grateful to their parents at this age.

3.  When this sign up sheet is full, you won't get any more emails begging you to sign up!

2.  We serve the best coaches/volunteers lunch at any meet -- hands down!

1.  There's a great after party for parents and coaches only at On the Rox after the meet!

That's the Top 10. All we have left to say is ... PLEASE??  And hopefully ... THANK YOU!