Sunday, May 1, 2016

We Need Your Help This Week!

HRHS Track has a lot going on this week, and we need help from our parents with these three events:

  • HRHS Memorial Invite on Saturday, May 7: This is the meet we host. We have 54 volunteer slots that need to be filled, and currently only 23 parents/supporters signed up to help (if you're one of them, THANK YOU!). We need your help! Please click here to sign up for a slot.
    • The forecast is for sunny and 73. It should be a great day to be outside!
    • We need your help so coaches can coach. Without your help, our coaches will be doing some of these jobs instead of coaching our kids. Also...we have 23 slots and 9 coaches so this doesn't happen without more parents pitching in.
    • Get a front row seat to see your kid compete! If your son or daughter is a thrower, sign up for throws. If your kid is a jumper or vaulter sign up for jumps or vault. If your kid is a runner, white flag workers and relay exchange zone judges are right on the track. So are awards runners (and they get their exercise for the day too!)
    • These jobs are simple. Most involve helping measure or record marks. Some involve watching to see that athletes don't scratch in the jumps and throws or don't go outside exchange zones in the relays. Coaches will help you with everything you need to know to do a great job.  Please find a way you can help.
  • Flower Pickup on Thursday, May 5 @ 3:30 - 7pm Noon - 6pm
    • This one is easy! Just notify anyone who purchased plants from you that they will be able to come pick them up on this day.
    • We'll deliver plants rain, shine (or snow) and have no way to store them after this pickup window so please spread the word!
    • We will be in front of the school, with parking close by in the front and student lots. Athletes will be helping carry plants to vehicles.
  • Team Dinner on Friday, May 6 @ Krusoe's
It's going to be a busy week with three meets scheduled (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday -- and one of them being ours to host), Flower Pickup, and a Team Dinner.  Check our calendar for details and watch for emails from Coach Padjen on meet schedules and any potential changes due to weather.