Thursday, May 11, 2017

This Week in Track

Thursday (today)-
Day 1 of Continental League Championship Begins Tonight
            5:00     800m Medley              Girls    Finals
            5:10     4 X 800m Relay          Girls    Finals
            5:25     4 X 800m Relay          Boys    Finals
            5:40     100m Hurdles             Girls    Prelims
            5:50     110m Hurdles             Boys    Prelims
            6:00     100m Dash                  Girls    Prelims
            6:20     100m Dash                  Boys    Prelims
            6:40     3200m Run                 Girls    Faster Heat
            7:00     3200m Run                 Boys    Faster Heat
            7:20     200m Dash                  Girls    Prelims
            7:40     200m Dash                  Boys    Prelims

FIELD EVENTS:  Weigh ins at 3:30

            4:30     Triple Jump     Girls
                        Long Jump      Boys
                        Shot Put          Girls
                        High Jump      Boys
                        Pole Vault       Girls

                        Discus             Boys

Team Dinner at the Griffin Household. Please following this link for the address and to volunteer

Day 2 of Continental League Championship


                                    *ALL EVENTS ARE FINALS*

            9:00     100m Hurdles             Girls   
            9:05     110m Hurdles             Boys   
            9:15     100m Dash                  Girls   
            9:20     100m Dash                  Boys   
            9:30     4 X 200 Relay             Girls   
            9:40     4 X 200 Relay             Boys   
            9:50     1600m Run                 Girls   
            10:05   1600m Run                 Boys
            10:25   4 X 100 Relay             Girls
            10:35   4 X 100 Relay             Boys
            10:45   400m Dash                  Girls
            11:00   400m Dash                  Boys
            11:15   300m Hurdles             Girls
            11:25   300m Hurdles             Boys
            11:40   800m Run                   Girls
            11:50   800m Run                   Boys   
            12:00   200m Dash                  Girls
            12:15   200m Dash                  Boys
            12:30   3200m Run                 Girls    Slower Heat
            12:50   3200m Run                 Boys    Slower Heat
            1:10     4 X 400 Relay             Girls
            1:20     4 X 400 Relay             Boys

FIELD EVENTS:  Weigh ins at 8 am

            9:00     Long Jump      Girls
                        Triple Jump     Boys
                        Discus             Girls
                        Pole Vault       Boys
                        High Jump      Girls
                        Shot Put          Boys

Where We Stand in State
In order to make state you must be in the top 18 for 5A. Athletes may only run 4 events at state so not everyone that qualify will run in every event. Here is who is current in the top 18:
200- Bryce Johansen 18th
400- Bryce Johansen 9th
800- Megan Koch- 6th
800- Bryce Johansen 12th
Discus- Elena Opp 9th
Long Jump- Shantine DeMasse 17th
4x200 Relay 14th
4x400 Relay 8th
4x800 Relay 10th
SMR800 5th

100- Ray Robinson 6th
400- Jake Weidemann 14th
800- Kaden Lathrop 11th
Shot Put- Drake Nugent 10th
4x100 Relay 4th
4x200 Relay 4th
4x400 Relay 3rd
4x800 Relay 2nd