Monday, May 21, 2018

Final Track Email of the Year

Thank you again for such a great season. Again, special Thank You to Kim Turnage, Tara Chambo, Gayle DeMasse, Kristin Gwyn and all our assistant coaches! The banquet was awesome last night and we really enjoyed the whole season.

Summer Training Information
I know the season just ended but we get better by working in the offseason. If you are participating in cross country you need to be working out during the summer. If you only do track we expect you at the speed camp to get better.

Track Speed Camp

For current 5th, 6th 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th graders (2017/18 school year) 
Dates: Monday thru Thursday June 4 -28th  @ 11 am
Cost - $100 -- Checks payable to HRHS Track
Sign-up: June 5 at the entrance of the Main Gym (Camp will meet there each day)
No pre-registration is necessary. Click here for permission/signup form.


Cross Country Camp Information
During summer we meet 5 days a week for high schoolers (2 for middle schoolers) to run from June 4th-July 20th. Information can be found here and a calendar can be found here.

During the last week in July we take kids up to Copper for an awesome high altitude training camp. Information can be found here

Please follow this form to sign up for both/either

State Track Recap
A huge congrats to our girls and guys at state. Guys took 8th and girls took 9th. Here is how we placed
Bryce Johansen- 4th - 400m (12th fastest Sophomore time in the nation)
Bryce Johansen- 3rd - 800m (2nd fastest Sophomore time in the nation)
Megan Koch- 6th- 800m
Girls 4x100- 18th (Annie, Hayley, Shantine, Chambo)
Girls 4x200- 6th (Chambo, Megan, Hayley, Bryce)
Girls SMR8- 13th (Madison, Chambo, Hayley, Peri)
Girls 4x400- 7th (Peri, JJ, Bryce, Megan)
Girls 4x800- 15th (Gwyn, Maddie, Allison, Megan)
Shantine DeMasse- 10th- LJ
Shantine DeMasse- 6th - TJ
Mikayla Johnson- 14th- PV
Elena Opp- 4th- Disc
Elena Opp- 12th- Shot
Elena Opp- 18th- HJ
Grant Bauer- 15th- 800m
Andrew Wisniewski- 18th- 800m
Boys 4x800- 4th (Bennett, Zach, Grant, Andrew)
Jonathon Lewis- 8th- HJ
Kyler Goslee- 10th- HJ
Drake Nugent- 2nd- Disc

Monday, May 14, 2018

State Info, Banquet Info and Uniform Turn in

Good evening, happy belated Mother's Day and Happy Birthday to our own Dr. Page. Although the year and track is winding down we have a really busy week!

Banquet Info:
Our banquet will take place at HRHS at 6:00pm on Sunday May 20th. This banquet is for all athletes (varsity and JV). Check your email from Tara Chambo to see more information and what you need to bring.

State Info:

State will be held at Jeffco Stadium Thursday-Saturday.
What a season! We will have 26 athletes representing us at the state meet, either in the meet or as alternates for relays. Every single member has worked hard this year and for most of them many years to get to the high level of excellence. Huge congrats to the girls for qualifying all 5 out of 5 relays!

The following athletes will be representing HR at State:
Andrew Wisniewski, Grant Bauer, Zach Salcido, Bennett Atencio, JT Aluise, Matt Wisniewski, Drake Nugent, Jonathon Lewis, Kyler Goslee, Annie Johanning, Kyri Chambo, Shantine DeMasse, Hayley Smith, Bryce Johansen, Megan Koch, JJ Joyner, Peri Hennigar, Madison Sedbrook, Lauren Gwyn, Maddie Burns, Allison Moorhead, Katie Ellis, Eve Lacroix, Sarah Salcido, Elena Opp and Mikayla Johnson

Full List of Qualifiers and Events
State Meet Schedule

Uniform Turn In:
State runners can turn their uniform in at the banquet. Everybody else needs to bring their uniforms to Coach Douglass' classroom (room 1285) either tomorrow May 15th or next week. You will be fined if you do not turn your uniform in.

League Meet Recap:
Girls Placed 4th, Boys Placed 8th
Full meet results can be found here
Falcons in the top 3:
Girls 4x800 (Megan, Bryce, Gwyn, Maddie)
Elena Opp- Shot Put
Boys 4x800 (Bennett, Zach, Grant, Andrew)
Jonathon Lewis- High Jump
Drake Nugent- Discus
Kyri Chambo- 100m
Bryce Johansen- 800m (#5 for Sophomores in the nation!)
Megan Koch- 800m
Girls 4x100 (Kyri, Hayley, Shantine, Bryce)
Shantine DeMasse- Long Jump
Elena Opp- Discus
Grant Bauer- 800m
Boys 4x400 (JT, Vogel, Grant, Andrew)
Drake Nugent- Shot Put

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Community Service Opportunity and League Information

Community Service
I know we are all busy with the end of year but we really need help today with flowers. From 12-6 if you can help (you will get hours) please go out in front of the school and check in with either Ms. Krusoe or Ms DeMasse

League Information
Heat Sheets are released today, here they are
Again, here is the schedule, we will talk carpool today at practice for those who need it

Monday, May 7, 2018

Weekly Updates May 7th-12th

A HUGE Thank You
First and foremost thank you so much to all the supportive parents we've had all year. Between running two meets, fundraising, supporting the team and your athletes you guys have been awesome! We truly couldn't do all that we do without you!

Schedule for the week
Only those participating in League will need to attend practice. If your athlete is not sure please have them come talk to either Douglass or Krauss.
Monday- Practice
Tuesday- Practice
Wednesday- Practice and Flower Pick-Ups

Thursday- League Day 1
Friday- Practice
Saturday- League Day 2
Schedule for League

Flower Sales
We still have some flowers to sell, if we could get one final push to help us sell out that would be awesome.

Community Service 
We need help unloading flowers (at around 9am on Wednesday) and holding signs for drive up orders for flowers, anytime afternoon but especially right when school is ending. If you are able to work these hours you will get community service hours for it. Please let Douglass know ASAP.

Meet Recap and Results
Again, thanks for everybody that helped out! We had a well-ran meet and great results! Girls won the meet and guys took 3rd overall! We also have a lot more teams/people in our top 10 list for school history!
Full Meet Results
Falcons that placed in the top 3:
Megan Koch- 800m
Katie Ellis- 3200m
Peri Hennigar- 100mH
Peri Hennigar- 300mH
Girls 4x100 (Annie, Kyri, Hayley, Bryce)
Girls 4x200 (Megan, Kyri, Hayley, Bryce)
Girls SMR8 (Kyri, Hayley, Megan, Bryce)
Girls 4x400 (JJ, Sarah, Lauren, Maddie)
Elena Opp- HJ
Shantine DeMasse- LJ
Shantine DeMasse- TJ
Mikayla Johnson- PV
Elena Opp- Disc
Elena Opp- Shot Put
Andrew Wisniewski- 400m
Boys SMR8 (Jake, Dom, Taylor, Talmage)
Boys 4x800 (Bennett, JT, Grant, Andrew)
Jonothan Lewis- HJ
Kyler Goslee- HJ
Ricky Orban- LJ
Corbin Frick- PV
Drake Nugent- Disc
Drake Nugent- Shot Put

With state coming up I wanted to write a little blur about how to make state, who is currently qualified and post the schedule.
In order to make state you have to be top 18 within your event for 5A. Everybody in the state still has one more meet so these rankings can and will change. However, if the season ended today here is how we are looking on state qualifiers.

Boys- Andrew Wisniewski- 800m-10th, Drake Nugent- Discus- 10th, Drake Nugent- Shot Put- 1st, Jonathon Lewis- HJ- 6th, Kyler Goslee- HJ- 10th, Corbin Frick- PV- 18th

Girls- Bryce Johansen- 200m-15th, Bryce Johasen- 400m-4th, Megan Koch- 400m- 16th, Bryce Johansen- 800m-7th, Megan Koch- 800m- 13th, Elena Opp- Discus- 13th, Elena Opp- Shot Put- 14th, Elena Opp- HJ- 16th, Shantine DeMasse- LJ- 10th, Shantine DeMasse- TJ- 12th, Mikayla Johnson- PV- 10th

Relays- Boys 4x800-7th, Girls 4x100-15th, Girls 4x200-8th, Girls 4x400- 4th, Girls SMR8-4th

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Weekly Updates April 30th-May5th (and a desperate cry for help!)

Happy May, it seems like this year is just flying by!

We Still Need Your Help
We are in the final push for flower sales and to get volunteers at our meet this Saturday. If you still want to buy/sell flowers please follow this link

We also still need some more workers for our meet. There is no way to run a meet without all of your help! We really need more volunteers. Please sign up using this link

Finally, we have a team dinner this weekend and flower pick up next week (on Wednesday). If you can help with the team dinner click here, if you can help with flower pick up click here. Team dinner address and gate code (address-8335 Harbortown Pl, Lone Tree. Gate Code- #8335). 

Parent/Coach Social After The HRHS Memorial-
All parents are invited to a parent and coaches social after the meet at On the Rox. This has been a tradition where after the meet parents and coaches can hang out, bet on the Kentucky Derby (Padj won't be in charge of this this year so it can't be rigged) and just relax after our hosted meet and have fun! We hope to see you all there!

Schedule this Week-
Wednesday- Frosh/Soph Campionship at Echo Park.
Friday- Team Dinner and the Gwyns
Saturday- HRHS Memorial

Meet Recap
Big congrats to the boys and girls team this weekend! Out of 44 teams our boys placed 7th and our girls placed 3rd! Full results can be found here

HRHS Athletes in the top 3
Bryce Johansen- 400m
Megan Koch- 800m
Girls 4x400 Relay (Peri, JJ, Bryce, Megan)
Shantine DeMasse- Long Jump
Shantine DeMasse- Triple Jump
Mikayla Johnson- Pole Vault
Elena Opp- Discus
Andrew Wisniewski- 800m
Jonathon Lewis- High Jump
Drake Nugent- Shot Put